Tri-State Bass Anglers 2017 Tournament Rules


  1. Participation: All tournaments are open to members of Tri-State Bass Anglers and non-members by invitation only. Guest can only fish one tournament unless he or she wants to join the club. All contestants must be 16 years old or accompanied by an adult.
  2. Pre-tournament Practice: There will be fishing ALLOWED On tournament waters the day prior to the tournament.
  3. Safety: Safe boat conduct must be observed at all times. Each contestant is required to wear a coast guard approved life jacket anytime the big engine is running Violations of this rule will lead to disqualification.
  4. Sportsmanship: Competitors are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principals may be deemed cause for disqualification. No alcoholic beverages or other stimulants or depressants may be used unless prescribed by a doctor.
  5. Tackle: Only artificial bait may be used during tournaments. No live bait! A legal, conventional style hook through the mouth must catch all bass.
  6. Boat and motor: For the safety of the contestants, all boats must be equipped with an operational ignition kill switch. The ignition kill switch must be attached to the driver’s body while the big motor is running.
  7. Basic boat equipment: All boats must have required coast guard safety equipment. In addition, it must have an operational bilge pump and live well.
  8. Boat operation and expenses: Each partner gets an equal amount of a spot he or she picks to fish. During an eight-hour tournament, the time should be split four hours to each partner to the place of the person’s choosing. The boat owner is required to give the non-boater equal time on the trolling motor. During an eight-hour tournament, the non-boater should get four hours. If the non-boater wants to give up his time or the location then that will be up to that team. Sharing the expenses is up to the team partnership. Each team may have their own set of rules as far as how they split up the boat and truck gas.
  9. Permitted Fishing Locations: Fishing on tournament waters is permitted anywhere except 100 feet of another competitors boat unless to pass by a narrow pathway. Any waters that are off limits by the state or private landowner will be off limits. All angling must be done from the boat. No locking through.
  10. Contestants Must Remain in The Boat: At all times unless for refueling or a restroom break that cannot be taken from the boat due to indecent exposure.
  11. Scoring: The pound and ounce weight of each boat catch will determine winners and awards during the competition day. Only largemouth, small, and spotted bass will be weighed. The boat limit shall be five of the above species and varieties. The legal size limit will be determined by the rules for that lake we will be fishing. However, if the lake does not have a length limit than our club rule is 12-inch minimum.
  12. Ties: In the event of a tie for first place the following tiebreakers will be used. The team with the biggest fish wins first place. Second, third and fourth place ties will split the money.
  13. Penalty Points: Only 1 dead fish will be allowed to be weighed in and for each dead fish there will be a half pound deduction per dead fish from the team’s total weight. More than five fish weighed in will result in the creel being culled back to five starting with the largest fish in the creel. Short fish under the lakes legal size will result in that team losing the short plus one pound deduction. A golden rule will be used to measure the smallest in each creel and this is a mandatory for each tournament. Fish will be measured with mouth closed and tail compress on a flat board.
  14. Late Penalty: Competitors that are not in sight of the ramp by the official weigh-in time will be deducted one pound per minute up to 15 minutes no exceptions for weather fog or motor problems After 15 minutes your catch will be disqualified.
  15. The Pairing of Contestants: Tri-State Bass Anglers is a team fishing club. Boaters and non-boaters are paired at the beginning of the year and must fish together for the rest of the year.
  16. Pre-Launch Checklist: Prior to the launch of any boats, a tournament committee member will check all live wells. Launch order will be by numbers drawn.prior to the launch.
  17. Post Check-in: All boats that leave early must leave word or a note so we won’t assume you are still on the water broke down or in danger. Any boat not back to the ramp 20 minutes after weigh-in will be looked for assured that you are safe. No one will be left behind. If you have a cell phone, try to call for assistance.
  18. Broken Down Motor: If you are broke down and can’t make it back to the weigh-in at the legal time, you can have someone on the tournament committee to bring your fish to the weigh in to be counted. You must first notify the committee member in enough time to get your catch back to weigh in. Notifying too late will not be accepted.
  19. Protesting: Any protesting must be done before, during, or up to 10 minutes after weigh-in of fish.
  20. Tournament Fee: All tournament fees must be paid before blastoff. No exceptions! Tournament fees are $80.00 per boat. CASH ONLY. NO CHECKS! Club dues are $80.00 paid before the 1st tournament. Our payouts will be paid in cash.
  21. Measuring Fish: The club will have 1 person to measure fish and that ruling will stand without contestation.
  22. Anglers of the Year: Will receive $500.00. Rest of club dues goes toward classic. For every tournament, $5.00 goes toward classic.
  23. Must sign wavier at first of year
  24. One Drop Tournament: Teams will be permitted one drop week.
  25. Classic: Must fish 7 out of 10 tournaments to fish classic.